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Motor Club of America
A trusted named since 1926, Motor Club of America.
​​ Three brothers had an idea and came together to develop a motorclub. The three brothers were children of Russian immigrants. The brothers, William, Samuel, and David Green were all born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. William began working as an accountant, then took charge in creating the motor club company. He was the middleson. For 50 years, William was the chairman of the motor club and oversaw the company. In the 1920's, cars became a very important and resourceful tool for the country and drivers, as a need in motor clubs to provide assistance in towing, maps, and emergency service and repairs for these drivers.


The Green brothers started the likes of MCA business in a one-room office in Newark, New Jersey. The company was known as the Automobile Association of New Jersey in 1933 and had their own storefront location as they moved from that one room  office. The motor club began to grow and attract new memebers outside of New Jersey. The company blossomed and developed 13 more companies from Maine and Florida to Ohio, then south to Kentucky. In 1958, the company changed the name to Motor Club of America. The headquarters was located in Paramus, New Jersey where it now has a 5 story building to supply motor club operations effectively.

The Motor Cub membership kept increasing in growth and in the early years of the 1980's, the business began to outbranch to 29 additional states. The Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. became one of very few qualified motor clubs to conduct business in every state along with Canada, by 1992. Also, they still today continue to be a qualified issuer of related arrest bond certificicates for drivers in every state.